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Specialist in Baju Kurung of all Sizes including Plus Sizes

Welcome to Sree's Boutique & Creations

       Another reputable and trusted Initiative by Sree's Holdings Pte Ltd

Having difficulty in finding: 

a) Plus Size Baju Kurung?

b) Reliable Tailor?

c) Quality and Light Weight Songket Fabric?

d) Value for money Service?


I have faced a similar situation as I am a Plus Size Women myself. Plus Size clothing are not readily available from off the shelf. Even if it is available, it may not fit well to our body contour. On-line shopping makes it even challenging. We have to make a choice base on the what we see on the computer screen. In a lot of instances the shipment is not what we expected after spending money on the actual cost and shipping cost. 

Having faced all this issues, I decided to serve the needs of Plus Size Customers and embarked on this Boutique and Apparel Journey.

My first priority was to acquire knowledge in grooming. This is essential to acquire knowledge on types of body contour, color psychology, Fabric selection and lastly suitable clothing designs. Research and Development was next in the line to identify the correct fit for Plus Size. I engaged Plus Size women in the process of all shapes and sizes to determine the correct size to tailor Ready-made Baju Kurung. A few trial  test was carried out before the perfect size was finally derived.  

I have taken into consideration customers' needs and concerns during the journey and am providing:  

a) Tips on the choice of clothing base on your body shape

b) Affordable Investment 

c) Boutique standard Tailoring 

d) Reliable and convenient Customer Service 

e) No compromise in Quality of Tailoring or Fabric

f) One stop solution for Songket Fabric +Tailoring + Ready made 

    Baju Kurung + Alterations 

Operating at Tampines St 34, I am  passionate to help you make decisions on what will be  good for you. Feel free to call me and I will be more than glad to serve you.